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22 Sep 2013

3D print keychains for fun and profit

Do you own a 3d printer? Do you want to impress friends? Do they have a company/band/brand/anything with a cool logo?

Make a 3d model of their logos and make it a keychains! Fast, cheap but effective!

Give them few prints and put the model open source on thingiverse so people can make it.

Done, the word will spread! Sometimes is than a business card!

Give them some copies, if they like them the’ll probably ask for others, you can kickstart your 3d printing small business from that and get back the money/time you spent buying/assembling/calibrating the printer!

Ok, this was the idea…
Follow the next post for a simple tutorial on how to make a keychain with some logo / letter using Inkscape and a 3D modeling program. (comin’ in the next few days)

In the meantime you can see that those awesome logos make good keychains with few dozen minutes of basic vectoring and 3d modeling:

Nodump: thing:138519

RiotVan: thing:154523

MaxMile: thing:154525

Extendi: thing:154320

Hexkeep: thing:154321

Makevoid: thing:154521

nerdy symbols are also ok:

Games of Thrones: thing:114260

Burial: thing:114252

Berserk: soon!


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