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22 Sep 2013

3D print keychains for fun and profit

Do you own a 3d printer? Do you want to impress friends? Do they have a company/band/brand/anything with a cool logo?

Make a 3d model of their logos and make it a keychains! Fast, cheap but effective!

Give them few prints and put the model open source on thingiverse so people can make it.

Done, the word will spread! Som.. read more..

12 Aug 2013

Starting to "blog" again + OpenSCAD Screencast

OpenSCAD Tutorial

I’m not blogging from ages, I want to blog a bit about 3d printing now, and maybe i’ll also do it!

I used a lot twitter, so you can check <https://twitter.com/makevoid> for some random stuff

I have to do a video about:

- From image (png, jpg) to 3d Print, .. read more..

29 Jun 2010

Install ImageMagick +perl on OSX with macports

ImageMagick logo

Here’s a simple solution to install ImageMagick with perl bindings on OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Once you know how to do it it’s really simple, macports is very good at handling packages dependencies.

I have a perl script that i need to run that uses ImageMagick perl lib ( use Imag.. read more..

18 Mar 2010

cladm - datamapper class textmate snippet

class ${1:${TM_FILENAME/(?:\A|_)([A-Za-z0-9]+)(?:\.rb)?/(?2::\u$1)/g}}
include DataMapper::Resource

property :id, Serial property :name, String ${2:}


p.s: syntax highlighting coming soon :)

15 Feb 2010


SkiCams iPhone icon

Hello everyone,

I’m (sorta) proud of announcing you the new definitive mega ski web cam resource of the world (erm.. of Italy), and also has it’s own iPhone app!
*crowd applaudes*


Obviously I was joking, it’s my first iPhone app, it’s not very spe.. read more..

15 Feb 2010

why develop for yourself rocks


  • know what needs work and in what manner without saying it
  • can choose the work time / the time you spend improving yourself
  • can start building an idea, compare it with others then rinse and repeat
15 Feb 2010

about internet nicknames

last name your family’s name
first name is the name your parents gave you
nickname is one you give to you, it’s like a tattoo, if you haven’t got one already think about chosing one.

For nicknames I think best nicknames has these characteristics:
- shouldn’t be too long
- it should be meaningful to you
- you should use them in all of your accounts/services you register on, so others can ide.. read more..

27 Jan 2010

hello blog

O hai! It’s nice to see you from rails3, ruby1.9 .. yes! it works!

gems used here:

  • rails (3 beta)
  • datamapper (dm-core, dm-more)
  • haml
  • RedCloth (for markdown)
  • hpricot